How I Got My Cats

How I Got My Cats

These are the stories of how I got my cats.


Fox B'Not


In the Fall of 1995 my friend Jason came over to take me for a drive. It was me, him, his friend Mike and my friend Kristen. When he arrived at my house, he held a cardboard box. He said, "Your mom's weird, I think she wants a cat." Inside the box was the cutest little kitten. My mom told me that I had to give Jason the cat back. I was heartbroken. I'd always wanted a cat ever since our first cat, Tiger, died. We were going to take the cat with us on our drive, but decided against it, leaving it in my garage while we were out. Jason was going to take the cat home when he dropped me back off.

We picked up Kristen and went driving. Jason drove with Mike up front, and me and Kristen in the back. He decided that he wanted to drive down a dirt road. After driving for a bit, we stopped at a gas station to ask about a dirt road. The guy at the station told us about Igo Road, and gave us directions. Needless to say, we couldn't follow his directions.

After a bit of driving and turns through a development, we came upon a dirt road. It was very narrow and there were no lights to guide us. Jason drove halfway down, then, because we were all scared out of our minds, he turned around. He decided to be cute and began swirving back and forth on the road. We hit a tall dirt bank on the side of the road and flipped over twice, landing on the roof. The car was totalled, but we were all fine, except for Mike, who was pissed that his dad's car was a wreck. Jason and Mike went to a nearby house to call for help. Kristen stayed with me by the car, and she began to cry. I was calm, and tried to calm her down.

The ambulance arrived shortly, and ushered us all into two different cars, me and Mike in one, Jason and Kristen in the other. I held Mike's hand; he was worried about what his parents would say. I became nausious because I had to lye on my back with a neck brace on, even though I said I was fine. I asked what road we had crashed on, and low and behold, it was Igo Road. Imagine my surprise.

My mother had to come to the hospital to pick me up. Since the four of us weren't together anymore, we couldn't give the cat back to Jason. My sister fell in love with the little kitten, and named him LCJ, which stands for Little Cat from Jason. My father brought the kitten to the vet, to get him defleaed and declawed and neutered. And he has been my cat ever since.

About LCJ

LCJ is nice, but only if he knows you. On the day that I took the SAT's, LCJ climbed on my head and smacked me in the eye. I think it was his way of saying, "Wake up! Time to take your SAT's!" He hisses at all of my friends. He likes to bite people's hands. My father trained him that way. I trained LCJ to sit. I just point my finger down and snap, and say "Sit!" and he sits down. Just like a dog. We nicknamed him Satan, Hell-cat and Devil-cat, because he is so mean. I also named him Harvey, after the Scorpius clone in John Crichton's head (if you watch Farscape). You know, he looks like a Harvey. All my friends hate him. My father, however, is in love with this cat. I love LCJ, but I could do without his awful behavior.

Vist Harvey's LiveJournal

Fox B'Not

During the winter of 1997-98 a stray cat came to visit my garage. Me, my father and my sister fed the cat, who was female, and I named her Unforgettable. She was very friendly, meowed a lot, and let us pet her. Then, as quickly as she came to see us, she left.

During the summer of 1998, Unforgettable was back. We were surprised to see her, but we fed her anyway. My best friend Eric saw Unforgettable and, since he is an EMT, told us that she was pregnant. My father wanted none of it, but I loved Unforgettable (because she was much nicer than LCJ who was in the house). So I continued to care for her and feed her. Soon, she came over all the time. In no time at all, on June 1 of 1998, she birthed her kittens in my garage.

There were four at first, the fifth one coming out after me and my friend Erica moved the cats to the boiler room. They were so cute and small and messy. After a couple of days, I picked out the cat that I wanted to keep, the one that looked most like the mother. I named him Fox B'Not, after Fox Mulder from the X-Files, which was the television show I was obsessed with at the time. In keeping with my X-Files theme, I named all the cats after that show: Scully, CSM, Krycek and Frohike. There were six cats in my garage, and we kept Unforgettable fed and warm, and watched over her babies.

Frohike died during the first week. I came home one morning to find him dead. But it was okay; at least it wasn't Fox.

Krycek was next, getting killed by my sister when she closed the garage door on his head. Krycek was the all-black cat that everyone wanted. He drank with us and smoked cigarettes with us. All my friends were sad when Krycek died. So was I. But at least it wasn't Fox. But it was Fox's friend (and if you read my fanfic, you will see much more).

So we had Scully, CSM and Fox B'Not, in the garage, all playing and running around and sleeping and climbing all over me and my friends. They were the friendliest cats. And they all loved us. Unforgettable was long gone, having left when the kittens were only a few weeks old.But we had three playfull bundles of energy living in my garage.

Once I went to Rowan, my father did not want to keep all of the cats. CSM got locked out of the house one morning by my mother, and picked up by a little girl who lives across the street. My father asked her father if they wanted to keep the cat. He did, so Shadow (CSM's new name) is now living across the street. My father then sent Scully to live with a family in Boston.

But he kept Fox B'Not. My cat. The prettiest one, the friendliest, the one who sleeps on me every night when I'm home. We brought him to the vet to get him defleaed, dewormed and deearmited. Soon, he will be neutered. And he will be my cat. My one and only little Fox B'Not. I will take him to California with me when I move out there. For now, he lives in Florida with me, my father and sister.

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Those were my cat stories. Here are pictures.


Fox B'Not

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