Where To See the Sensitive Men

or Men Who Can Cry On Cue

Here is my list of Tearful Souls:

Men Who Cry Real Tears:

Ben Affleck
-- Glory Daze
-- Armageddon
-- Chasing Amy

Kevin Bacon
-- Murder In the First

Alec Baldwin
-- Outside Providence

Ben Browder
-- "Farscape" tv series (eps: The Hidden Memory, Nerve, Family Ties, Die Me, Dichotomy, Dog With Two Bones)

Nicolas Cage
-- Face/Off
-- City of Angels
-- 8mm (very nice whimpering sounds)

Jim Carrey
-- Liar, Liar

Tom Cruise
-- Eyes Wide Shut (yea! Kubrick)
-- Magnolia
-- (from Honorable Mention) Jerry Maguire
-- (also from HM) Born on the Forth of July

Matt Damon
-- Good Will Hunting
-- All the Pretty Horses

Johnny Depp
-- "21 Jumpstreet" (ep when team was in a Juvie prison
-- Cry-Baby

Leonardo DiCaprio
-- Basketball Diaries
-- Titanic
-- Romeo and Juliet

Stephen Dorff
-- "I Know My First Name Is Steven" TV movie

Robert Downey jr.
-- Less Than Zero

David Duchovny
-- "X-Files" ep Gethsemene

Anthony Edwards
-- "In Cold Blood" TV movie

Sean Patrick Flanery
-- Powder
-- Suicide Kings

Brenden Fraser
-- "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" TV movie

Harrison Ford
-- The Devil's Own
-- Air Force One

Edward Furlong
-- Terminator 2 : Judgement Day
-- American History X

Balthazar Getty
-- Lost Highway

Mel Gibson
-- Ransom
-- Forever Young

Cuba Gooding jr.
-- Men of Honor

Bruce Greenwood
-- "Nowhere Man"

Anthony Hopkins
-- Mutany on the Bounty
-- Legends of the Fall
-- Meet Joe Black

Val Kilmer
-- Man Who Broke 1000 Chains
-- Batman Forever

John Malkovich
-- Death of a Salesman
--Dangerous Liasons

Ewan McGregor
-- Moulin Rouge

Corin Nemic
-- "I Know My First Name is Stephen" TV movie

Chris O'Donnell
-- Scent of a Woman
-- Vertical Limit

Al Pacino
-- Scent of a Woman

Sean Penn
-- Bad Boys
-- We're No Angels
-- The Game

Jocquain Phoenix
-- Quills

Eric Roberts
-- "In Cold Blood" TV movie

Christian Slater
-- Gleaming the Cube
-- Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (not real tears, but still has potential)
-- Very Bad Things

Wil Smith
-- Enemy of the State

Kevin Spacey
-- Pay it Foreward

Mark Wahlberg
-- Three Kings

Denzel Washington
-- Glory
-- John Q

Bruce Willis
-- Color of Night

Noah Wyle
-- "ER"
-- Myth of Fingerprints

Men Who Try, but Just Can't Cry

Kevin Bacon
-- Stir of Echos

Peter Berg
-- Late for Dinner
-- Aspen Extreme
-- Fire In the Sky

Jeff Fahey
-- Lawnmower Man

Matthew McConaughey
-- A Time to Kill

Edward Norton
-- American History X
-- Keeping the Faith

Keanu Reeves
-- Devil's Advocate

Tim Roth
-- Resevior Dogs

Kevin Spacey
-- The Usual Suspects

Mark Wahlberg
-- Boogie Nights

Cry-Fest Movies

Suicide Kings

Sean Patrick Flanery
Henry Thomas
Jay Mohr
Johnny Galecki
Jeremy Sisto

Very Bad Things

Christian Slater
Jeremy Piven
Daniel Stern
Jon Favreau
Leland Orser

The AWARD for Best Male Crier goes to:


for his roles in:
Legends of the Fall (remarkable 11 times)
Johnny Suede
Interview with a Vampire
The Devil's Own
Meet Joe Black
Spy Game


If you know of any that I have missed and should be added to this list, feel free
to email me.

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