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It's me holding Alex Krycek's left prosthetic arm.

I'm beautiful!

This is my museum. It's where you will find out about the ruler of this World.

My name is Jennifer Paige Skye Lowe, Skye being my second middle name, added in 1992. I have yet to place it on my birth certificate. Rat comes from my favorite character from The X-Files, Alex Krycek. I was born on Saturn, which is the sixth planet in this solar system. Click here for a picture of me when I was a young Earthling. Then I was sent to Earth, to live in wonderful New Jersey. I graduated from Rowan University, with a BA in Communication, Radio/TV/Film and a minor in Psychology. I hope to become a director of movies in the future. Or work for the Sci-Fi Channel, my favorite cable channel ever (owned by USAi).

I have a lot of interests, which are talked about on my first page. I like Farscape, X-Files, The Sentinel, Star Trek: Voyager, Invisible Man, Lexx, ER and Charmed. I write a lot of fanfiction, which will be posted as I complete the stories. Most of the stories are dark and pain-filled, being the way I like them. Sorry. For all of you who were expecting white fluff and pink bunnies, this World is not for you. If you would like to see the latest, greatest piece of fanfic I am working on (a great, big sci-fi X-over character torture slash piece), then go to my WIP Page

If you would like to see how sex is in my life (which is just what I like and how I like it) Then go to my What I Enjoy page.

I also love the movies. I try to see at least one movie a weekend. I have a movie review page. Strausser's Movie Reviews. Coming soon to this world will be a video store. My friends now have their own little place of worship. Pictures included.

Go to the Q, I command thee.

And notice how everytime you come to seek out my World, it just gets better and better and better. Soon it will get so crowded that Freeservers will have to charge. Yeah, right, only in my wildest dreams will I accumulate that much traffic. Oh, well. It never hurts to dream. If I make-believe I have friends, then maybe some day I will.

I have just signed up to pay for my website. So now there are no more banners.
Isn't that exciting?

Soon, we are going to get DSL, and with that will come my very own ISP. So I am going to move my webpage off of freeservers (which I love), to my own, private domain. And then I will register my own domain name. Let me know what you think of Send the flaming email here!

Oh, and while you are here:

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