You have been warned

You have entered another dimension, a dimension not of sound, but of site, far, far away from the norm.  Not of logic but of mind.  Where evil and good join together and play Go Fish.  Here, you will travel through a wormhole, across the universe, light years away from Earth, away from your home, away from all that you know and love, to a unknown place, a place of skewed visions and beautific horrors, a place on the outskirts of land, the fringes of time and the very edge of insanity.  There's a placard up ahead, next stop, The Lowe World.

This is not a page for the faint of heart, nor for closed-minded imbosils.  This is a place for aliens, science fiction, cats, country music, movies, fanfic, television, rats, show tunes, cigarettes and me, Strausser.

Updated November 14, 2004
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I Want to Remember September 11, 2001

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